Aalee India

Aalee India Exports Private Limited is a trusted name for high quality Leather goods, Saddlery & Hunting Products and Pet Accessories.
Our products are appreciated worldwide by our discerning customers for their finish and durability.


Personalized touches, such as hand-burnishing, embossing, and unique textures, add individuality to every creation.

Premium Bags

In the realm of handcrafted leather bag manufacturing, artisans weave a narrative of tradition and skill. Every bag is born from a careful orchestration of craftsmanship, where seasoned hands mold, stitch, and breathe life into raw hides.

Pet Accessories

In the world of handcrafted pet accessories manufacturing, a symphony of artistry and love for animals unfolds. Craftsmen, dedicated to their furry clientele, meticulously design and produce accessories that seamlessly blend style with functionality.